Installation Instructions

Depending on average rod length, place the front rack at about ¾ of the overall length of your rods.

1.     Place the rack in the position you would like it to be mounted.


Tools for installation.

Locate the supplied hardware (Includes 4 plates & 4 stainless self tapping 3/4" screws & 4 x 1.25" screws)

Remove front rack from Template

Open supplied template, place in position where you want to mount your rack

Use a pen to mark your mounting spots in the 2 holes on the template.

Pre-drill a small hole on your marks for the supplied screws.

Hand tighten the screws


11.   Congratulations your Rod Rack should be firmly in place and easily attached & removed.

12.   Repeat the process with the second part of your rack.

For vehicle roof top luggage rack mounting, it is suggested to face rods towards the rear of the vehicle using a bungee to insure rods are secure for travel.

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