Limited Life Time Warranty

A.    Lifetime Warranty on aluminum workmanship and Stainless latching system only. Parts such as aluminum baseplate, stainless latch due to normal wear and tear. Other exposed components are not covered by this life time warranty and will be considered in section B of this paragraph.

B.     Any description of the product, whether in writing or made orally by Seller or Seller’s agent, are for the sole purpose of identifying the product and shall not be construed as an express warranty. Any suggestions by Seller or Seller’s agent regarding use, application or suitability of the product shall not be construed as an express warranty unless confirmed to be such in writing by Seller. Exclusion of Consequential Damages and Disclaimer of Liability Except as otherwise agreed in writing, Seller’s liability with respect to the products sold hereunder shall be limited to the warranty provided and, with respect to other performance of this contract, shall be limited to that part of the contract price allowable to the product (or part thereof) that gives rise to the claim. Pro-Strike Co does not assume liability for incidents resulting from user/human error.

C.     Seller shall not be subject to any disclaims:

1.     Any other obligations or liabilities arising out of breach of contract.

2.     Any obligations whatsoever arising from tort claims (including negligence and strict liability) or arising under other theories of law with respect to products sold or services rendered by seller, or any undertakings, acts or omissions relating there to, and all consequential, incidental and contingent damages whatsoever.

D.    Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Seller specifically disclaims any liability for penalties (including administrative penalties), special or punitive damages, damages for lost profits or revenues, cost of any product recall, loss of use of products or any associated equipment, cost of capital, facilities or services, downtime, shutdown or slowdown costs, or for any other types of economic loss.

E.     Warranty validity thru life of DBA Pro-StrikeCo.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Life Time Warranty Claim and Return Process:

To file a warranty claim please fill out the following form, return defective product to address below (at shippers expense) including form. We will review your submission and respond promptly to your request via email with our decision.

Attention Pro-Strike llc. Warranty

3107 S 99th St

Mesa , AZ 85212

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